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Why should I buy Medical Travel Insurance ?

          A       Traveling to other parts of the world can be fun and exciting.  It can also
                     become a catastrophe if you should become ill or injured.  If you were
                     home, you might consider it an inconvenience but if you are outside of
                     the U.S. it can become much more serious.  Emergency medical
                     transportation, hospitalization, medical care can cost a great amount and
                     many facilities require immediate cash payment up front.  Most domestic
                     medical policies do not cover medical expenses outside of the U.S nor do
                     they provide Emergency Medical Transportation.... and if they do,  it
                     probably will be on a reimbursement basis.  Most Medical Travel Insurance
                     policies are designed to pay medical providers directly.

          Q       What's the difference between Medical Travel Insurance and Trip
                     Cancellation Insurance ?

          A       Medical Travel Insurance is designed to cover medical care and emergency
                     medical transportation in the event of a covered illness or accident. 
                     Additional benefits may include, among others, lost luggage, accidental
                     death and dismemberment, emergency reunion and travel assistance.
                     Trip Cancellation Insurance will reimburse the insured for covered  'non
                     refundable' pre-paid travel expenses that would otherwise be lost in the
                     event of an unexpected cancellation.  Covered reasons for cancellation will
                     vary depending upon the policy.  A most basic plan will cover such
                     occurrences as an unexpected illness, an accident or death involving the
                     insured,  a family member or traveling companion.  A full featured plan will
                     include the above reasons for cancellation in addition to host of others such
                     as 'work related' or even 'cancel for any reason'.

          Q       How does Trip Cancellation Insurance work ?

               In the event an insured must cancel his trip due to a covered reason, he/she
                     should notify the insurance provider immediately.  The insured will then be
                     informed of the steps he needs to take to supply the necessary paper work
                     and support materials which may include proof of payment in regard to
                     non-refundable trip expenses, physician reports in event the cancellation
                     was due to an illness or accident... or an employer statement if  the
                     reason for cancellation was 'work related'.

          Q       Why should I use to buy my Travel Insurance ?

          A represents several of the top travel insurance providers
                     in the U.S.  As a result, you as the client are able to select from the plan
                     best designed to fit your needs.  In addition, we believe in the importance
                     of personal service.  We strive to help you on a one to one basis... you,
                     as an individual, are important to us.  We are as near as your telephone
                     (toll free 1-800-584-3512)  or E-Mail.

          Q      Will the insurance providers pay the doctors and hospitals directly ?   

          A      In most situations the insurance provider is willing to pay the doctor and
                    hospital directly (providing the medical providers agree to direct payment)
                    otherwise the insured would be reimbursed.   Sometimes the determination
                    is based upon the amount of the billing... for example if the amount is
                    minimal (perhaps $1,000 or less, it would be reimbursed... if greater,
                    direct payment could be an option).  Whether direct payment will be
                    accepted is often determined by whether the hospital has worked with the
                    insurance provider in the past.  As examples... Seven Corners has access
                    to 12,000 doctors and hospitals world wide.  HTH Worldwide has
                    agreements with thousands of medical providers in more than 170
                    countries throughout the world.

          Q      What should I do if I become ill or injured on a trip ?

          A      In the event of a serious life threatening injury resulting in an emergency
                   admission,  contact the insurance provider upon admission or as soon as
                   possible.  A delay in contact could result in reduced benefits. Should you
                   become ill or suffer a less serious injury, then pre-notification is
                   essential prior to Hospitalizations , Surgeries, Medical Evacuations and
                   Emergency Reunions.  Emergency telephone numbers to reach your
                   insurance provider are printed on your insurance policy I.D. card  . 

          Q     How quickly can I expect to receive my policy ?

          A     If you select 'online' for delivery, you will receive it immediately and  then
                   be able to print it out at your convenience.   If instead, you select delivery
                   'by regular mail', it normally takes a week to ten days.  If you want it
                   delivered 'over-night' by regular mail, then you can expect an additional

          Q     How do I go about ordering a policy ?

          A     You have several choices. 
                        1. The quickest is to purchase it online.  You may view, select and then
                            apply... just 'click here'.
                        2. We can do it by phone... simply give us a toll free call at
                        3. Complete and mail (or fax) a printed application.  To request an
                            application..'click here'.

          Q    What methods of payment are available ?

          A     In most cases, the choice is yours.  If you are applying 'online' you would
                   use a credit card. most credit card companies are accepted.  If you are
                   submitting a printed application by regular mail, then you would usually
                   have the choice of using a credit card or a check.   keep in mind that if
                   you choose to use a check, there may be a delay in policy issuance
                   until the check clears the bank.

          Q     Are there short term medical travel insurance plans that will cover
                   'pre-existing' medical conditions ?

          A     Yes, there are. .. the conditions vary by Company and plan.  For example,
                   Liaison International  currently offers medical benefits up to $20,000 for
                   treatment of an unexpected recurrence of a pre-existing  medical condition
                   if the insured is a U.S. citizen traveling outside of the United States and
                   Canada.   The Liaison Program Summary states as follows:
                       Unexpected Recurrence of a Pre-Existing Condition (Class 1 – U.S.
                       or  Canadian citizens traveling outside the United States only)
– This
                       plan shall pay, up to $20,000 (Age 65+, up to $2,500) subject to the
                       chosen Deductible and Coinsurance, for Covered Expenses resulting from
                       a sudden,  unexpected recurrence of a Pre-existing Condition while
                       traveling outside the United States. This benefit does not include
                       coverage for known, scheduled, required, or expected medical care, drugs
                       or treatments existent or necessary prior to the Effective Date of coverage. 
                     IMG has just introduced a new plan, Patriot Platinum, which will cover
                     unexpected recurrence of a pre- existing medical condition up to
                     $50,000 (available to U.S. citizens only) .
Another available plan (HTH single trip Excursion) currently treats
                     'pre-existing medical conditions'
                     the very same as any other medical emergency that might occur while
                     travelling outside of the U.S.  However as a  requirement to qualify for
                     this policy the applicant must, at the time of application,
                     already be enrolled in a primary health plan.   If you would like additional
                     information  as to which plans are available,  'click here' to inquire by
                     internet or.... call toll free at

          Q       Are there any trip cancellation plans that can be designed for golf trips. ?

          A       Yes, in most cases, a plan can be designed to meet your specific needs. 
                     For additional information, "click here".

          Q       I am a scuba diver.  Can I purchase medical coverage if my trip includes
                     scuba diving ?

          A      Several of the medical travel insurance plans will cover scuba diving,
                    however the requirements will vary by Company and plan.  Currently,
                    one of the plans requires that you be certified in order to qualify for the
                    insurance.  Another plan says that you need not be certified but that you
                    must add the leisure sports rider.   If you have additional questions, give
                    us a call at 1-800-584-3512.

          Q      Is there any way to do a quick comparison of available medical travel
                    insurance plans ?

          A    Yes, you may do a quick comparison of several of the medical travel plans
                   by clicking on comparison page .   Please keep in mind that since some
                   changes may not be announced, it is always wise to check the individual
                   plan for any recent updates.

Q     In order to get a visa, I'm required to get medical insurance and a letter...
                   how do I do this ?

A     You may purchase the insurance online by clicking "here" and then
                   selecting the plan you wish to buy.  Upon completion of the purchase,
                   E-Mail or call us at 1-800-584-3512 and
                   we will write a letter addressed to the appropriate consulate and
                   then E-Mail it to you.
Q     When would I want to select a Short Term International Medical
                   Travel Insurance policy ?

A    You might choose to apply for a Short Term International Medical
                   Travel nsurance policy if you were going to travel outside of your
                   Home Country for a short period of time ranging from a week  up to a year.

Q     What is the shortest term available for Short Term International Medical 
                   Travel Insurance purchasers ?

A      It varies from plan to plan.  It could be as short as 5 days, 10 days, or 15
                   days.  Some of the plans permit you to purchase coverage equal to the
                   exact number of days you will be traveling.

Q      I am a U.S. citizen.  My spouse and children are not U.S. citizens but
                    do live with me in the
                    U.S.  Can I put all of us on the same application ?

  A    It depends upon the plan you select.  Many of the Companies design
                   their plans, rates, and applications based upon whether the applicants
                   are U.S. or Non U.S. citizens.  Others, such as the Liaison International
                   plan, consider the applicant's "Home Country" only,  and base their 
                   plans on whether the applicants are traveling to the U.S. or outside of the U.S.

Q    What is meant by "Home Country" and why is it important ?

A     Plans normally provide coverage while insureds are traveling outside of their
                  "Home Country".  Plans most often define "Home Country" as that
                  Country where he applicant  principally resides and receives  mail.  An
                  exception are those plans  which state that if your citizenship is U.S., that
                  your "Home Country" is always the U.S.

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     Local 425-778-8628   (Please remember that there may be a time difference
     between  your location and Seattle,   Washington and call accordingly or leave
     a message)

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