Emergency Medical Evacuation is an important part of any travel insurance policy whether it is a Short Term Medical, a Trip Cancellation... or a Stand Alone plan.  If an insured suffers a serious accident or sudden illness while travelling, the insurer will pay the necessary expenses to evacuate the insured to the nearest hospital or medical facility qualified to treat the life threatening situation.  If the medical condition warrants it, emergency evacuation can also include transportation back to an adequate medical facility near the insured's home city.

       Insurance providers normally require that all arrangements for emergency medical transportation be authorized and coordinated through their office or an appointed representative of their company.  For this reason, it is essential that the insurance provider be notified immediately in the event of a medical emergency.  Their contact information can be found on the I.D. card issued at the time the policy is delivered.  Requirements may vary by company, so it is wise to check the insurance policy for specific details and requirements at the time of purchase.
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